Interview with Designer Eva Veliotou


Holding a piece of jewellery by Rocco is like having a mini sculpture in your hand, “put it on and see it come to life!” Says British designer Eva Veliotou.

The jewellery is designed to highlight the physicality of body with tailored compositions… It’s like landscaping for the body!”. 

Eva explains how the designs all have a sculptural element that work in partnership with the natural curves and contours of the body. 

Describing her jewellery designs as “expressions of the body” Eva philosophises that “whether it’s by contrasting the natural curves with decorative compositions or following the natural lines to create a seamless collaboration… 

the thing that makes the jewellery special is its intuitive approach… 

I like to tell a story through my designs using the jewellery as a mouthpiece. This gives the jewellery purpose.” 


British designer Eva Veliotou set up Rocco in 2012 making her jewellery designs from their studios in South West London. The Saint Martins alumni’s background in art & design lends a conceptual quality to the jewellery fortified with intuitive product design.

Talking to Eva about her inspirations she explains how she looks for the strength of purity in geometric shapes, architectural structures, botanical forms, symbols, the natural world and decorative pattern. Eva believes these qualities

“reinforce the jewellery with empowering sentiment”. 

When Asked about how she would describe Roccos designs Eva tells us how much it amuses her when customers browse the jewellery and exclaim, “ooh that’s different!” she says “that’s all it has to be at the end of the day, however as a designer it’s always nice to tell a story along the way!”











What words would you use to describe Rocco's designs?

fluid, pure, empowering, modern, instinctive 

Why do you work with silver and leather?

Silver and leather lend a natural, casual elegance which has a very versatile quality.

What's important to you when designing jewellery?

That it performs as a product…by addressing the form of the body it means the jewellery will always be relevant and look effortless. 

What inspires your designs?

I’m intruiged by physiology and anatomy and the language of the body. I look for the strength of purity in shapes, compositions, the sculptural forms of  plants, Japanese principles of minimalism, abstract art, geometry, decorative pattern and symbols across cultures….I borrow sentiment from these inspirations to add value to my designs and empower the wearer. 

What's in a name?

When I design a new piece I like to give it an emotive name…something that hints at the inspiration and gives the jewellery a commercial sense 

What's next?

I’m very interested in the value of ‘the shared’ object; of joint ownership. In today’s society the consumer experience is more “open” we can see these values through platforms like Airbnb and Uber and I would like to translate this value into Rocco. I believe we are the next  conscientious generation and need to place more value in sharing. 

Tell us a bit about your design process

I often start by visiting the body in my minds eye, like a blank canvas. I consider its form figuratively and then compositions that express its language. We then use plaster casts and mannequins to sculpt the jewellery designs around and develop them. Interestingly a lot of designs evolve quite fluidly from one to the next as this sculptural process is very flexible and allows for multiple variations.

What's your ultimate aim?

To design jewellery that feels empowering to wear 


You can currently view our collections at Kingston’s Creative Heart, Market House, Kingston Upon Thames, London.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment at our studios













Kingston’s Creative Heart
27 March 2017 - 29 December 2017 (10am - 6pm)
Ancient Marketplace, Kingston-Upon-Thames, London

A peak at some of our designs in the making! 

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